HippySpirit - Moods EP

Hippy Spirit

HippySpirit - Moods EP

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The Hippy Spirit - Moods EP
- Read the note at the end please -

This EP contains 6 tracks of shadow work sounds.
Music that has come to life during our darkest moments.
Simple beats with simple sounds, add some feelings and a moment later a song is usually created.
A minimal/psy kind of music perfect to take a moment to relax or slow-dance a little.

Our music follows our journey, as we are becoming more happy, more balanced and more love.
and we are finally finding our own sound the more light we become.

This is why we have chosen to call it Shadow work sounds, because that is exactly what it is.
This is us fighting all the negative bs away!

NOTE: Because it is not possible to upload the full EP with all the 6 tracks, we will only use this listing as a way of selling it. Please provide us with your email address and we will send it to you in its full as a .zip file after completed purchase. :)

You will get the demo version of our track virus for free by purchasing this listing, the full EP - mastered - will be sent to your email address :)

Love and Light! / Hippy Spirit