Hello everyone!
With so much negativity being spread via the media, kindly keeping us in a constant state of fear or trying to anyways... it makes it really difficult sometimes to imagine a brighter future, filled with love, peace, compassion and kindness. It is almost impossible actually.... Well, if we were to only listen to the mainstream media anyways we would have no hope! It's so depressing , stressful and sad ALL OF THE TIME! It's not healthy! It's such a shame, we are so special yet we are so wasted! We easily forget how powerful we are... also remembering that "we are many and they are few" is a very powerful statement that holds the key to freedom in a way. Strength in numbers! 
One thing we have come to understand is that we create our reality! With that being said instead of being distracted and scared we need to focus and push on through anyways...we have to imagine what our ideal future would be like first and then truly believe that it is possible! And actually, not just believe but know that this is possible, and that it is already happening!
There is so much love in the world. So much that we don't see...  It is such a fascinating time to be alive right now and get to experience what we are going to experience... The great awakening! Shifting from 3d to 5d reality.
Souls uniting globally to raise the vibrational frequency together! There are millions of us that all want the same thing in fact deep down all of us want the same thing, our souls do anyways... our hearts is where truth lies, not our minds! 
So we want to create a space of hope! Universal hope.. a happy space to show that people, people from all over the world choose love!  Choose to unite in the name peace and happiness! In the name of consciousness, oneness and total awareness! 
Show that it is possible, we can come together and unite as one! Raise the vibration together and bring 'heaven' here on earth. 
We choose this symbol 'half heart' to represent our UniteInLight campaign because this symbol means so much to us....whenever we have a disagreement we always make this hand gesture to each other after or if we leave each other. Its to let each other know that whatever we are arguing over, we still love each other no matter what! Or just in times of happiness to simply say, I love you! Stuff like that! We use it all of the time.... You get it!  So it's really special to us and we want to use it to unite us all! 
We want to start a chain reaction and show that love exists everywhere! It's a powerful symbol because it can be united with any other half to create a connection which allows the energy of pure love to flow and keep negative energies at bay! Come together to vibrate higher and and keep our fears away!
Choose Love/Be Love and show the world your heart! 
Love is all that we are, love is choosing to be yourself, your true authentic soulself.
Love has no nationality, no borders,no gender & no expiry date.
Love is your super-power! 
Don't let fear put a dimmer on your light.
Choose love and shine bright!
~The world needs your light!~ 
We will be reposting all photos on our instagram stories page and on here after!
Unite with us in spreading light!<3
Send your love here: @hippyspiritclothing 
State where you are from or your location and use the #hashtag #UniteInLight