Hello friends,
So we get asked quite a lot about setting up other ways for our supporters to support us, other than buying our clothing!
Obviously we are so, so grateful for all of the support that we receive in all forms, via likes, listens, comments, shares, love, good vibes, letters, follows, everything and of course buying our clothing! It all matters! All of it!  And it all means so much to us! <3
But we have huge plans for Hippy Spirit and we truly believe in what we are doing and a little helping hand along the way will always be welcomed!
We feel so guided and supported by the universe to grow Hippy Spirit into something really special! It definitely is not easy at times tho as it is a constant struggle to survive!
Which doesn't always allow space for creativity and growth! 
Anyways so if you also like what we do and would like to support us along our journey, to the light! Spreading Love, Peace Truth & Consciousness!
Total Awareness!
Connecting souls and building a peaceful future together based on love not fear!
You can now 
Buy us a coffee!♡
With a €2 donation! :)
(Thank you so much if yoou doooo hugs! We love and appreciate you! x) 
Namaste and welcome to Hippy Spirit! Yeaaa You found us!! Big hugs soul tribe <3
We are Zana & Joki, and we live in Portugal! We run our art studio from home in a cosy little hide away up the mountain in the forest with our two dogs Aya & Kush! Its nothing fancy at all, but its just what we need. We love it here, its so quiet, peaceful and just the perfect space for now!💜 Especially considering it was pure intuition and higher self guidance that landed us here! Randomly! 🙏
We just moved here from our beautiful old wooden house that we rented deep in the forest of Sweden! It's definitely a totally different world over here! We are welcoming the blue skies and sunny days! No more snow! :) Even tho they were some of the most beautiful for sure! The dark forest in the winter has changed us forever!
Forever grateful!
But now we are here and wow life really is just insanely crazy sometimes isnt it? Something I have come to realise... If you can learn the art of letting go... you will be taken everywhere in order to grow. The universe really is alive and it is within you!! All of it!
Anyways so Portugal is our home now :) Here we create psychedelic & spiritual Clothing, Music and Art! Soon we will be adding our beautiful vintage VW Food truck to the Hippy Spirit tribe once we are done renovating her!  <3 @veganeverythingofficial (You can follow our progress here) But everything takes time and we are only two! It's getting there... :)
Hippy Spirit isn’t just a clothing brand tho we want to create so much more than that... Its a way of life. A movement.
Spreading, Truth, Peace, Love, Music, Art & Consciousness! <3
Total awareness! 
Create and evolve. We aspire to inspire. Each and everyone of you!
We want to encourage you, to find your light! 
We are all in this together. We are all connected consciously...we are soo special and important! Remember who you are. What you are. Infinite consciousness... with infinite possibilities!
Life can be so simple... Love is always the answer. ALWAYS! BE LOVE! BE THE LIGHT!
Love is your superpower!
You are pure Energy, Positive energy... You are ON! Shine brightly just as you were meant to. Love yourself wholey then go spread your happiness! Lets raise the vibration together and awaken all sleeping souls! <3
Love & Light