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A Pinch Of Psychedelic - Hippy Boy Hoodie

Had a fun photoshoot in the snowy forest the other day, unfortunately it became dark way too quickly though, so we didn't manage to get all the shots we wanted but we had fun and got a couple of nice ones.

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OUR HYPERSPACE DIMENSIONS TEE! Now available in our shop! I love this word and what it means to me when I hear it... so why not make a tee out of it huh!  All our tees are Unisex style  HYPERSPACE

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The Acronyms Collection is here:

Simple & Subtle but Niiiiice.  Acronyms of psychedelic substances.  I really like this collection due to is simplicity. We use earthy tones and our standard Hippy Spirit Aztec font to bring a touch of art to the word and give an overall tribal feel to the collection. All our Tees are UNISEX! :) DMT THC LSD

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