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New Release: Shamanic Sounds Hoodie!

Our Shamanic Sounds Hoodie is finally here... Hope you like it as much as we do!!  We created this hoodie with Pystrance Dj's and Psytrance lovers in particular in mind.  We could just imagine how it would look on a dj playing to a crowd or someone stomping around the dancefloor with the black light picking out the design perfectly.  We hope to create more designs influence by the psytrance culture in the very near future just in time for festival season! We would love some feedback, feel free to drop a comment below. The back reads: SHAMANIC SOUNDS. IN ESSENCE, SOUND IS AMANIFESTATION OF LIGHT,JUST AT A DIFFERENT FREQUENCY. WE CANNOTPHYSICALLY SEE SOUNDWAVES, BECAUSE THEYEXIST OUTSIDE OFOUR RANGE OF PERCEPTION.YET...

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