Our trip to Psychedelic Circus!


What a super fun experience. Exhausting, but fun.

We got to drive all through Sweden, Denmark and Germany which was seriously cool, sight seeing and absorbing all that culture. And as usual had some really memorable moments.

One that sticks out in my mind would be our Hotel in Germany situation. We arrived finally after driving all the way from Sweden. Exhausted. Understandably.

We were anticipating the thought of a Over sized bed, Hot Shower, Room Service, Pool and all the trimming that a really nice hotel usually has to offer. Joakim had kindly taken it upon himself to book us in here for a week and make it a kind of week holidays at the same time... Unfortunately this wasn't the case! 

We arrived at nearly midnight and knew something wasn't quite right from the second we got there. We actually kept driving past the entrance as the only sign we could see was for a 'Health Spa Retreat' But, our trusty Sat Nav was sure this was it. 

So we decided okay, okay maybe that's just what Germans call Hotels and so we drove up the long super posh driveway. Instead of coming to a hotel we were met by these weird kind of house barns (Posh ones) and loads of over the top garden features.

Bare in mind we dressed ready for festival life, had dreads in our hair, looking and probably smelling like total hippies. Also our car was filled to the brim with all our stock, tent and all the other camping esk necessities. Basically our whole vibe couldn't be any different from this place.

So we drove around and realised that nope this definitely isn't it and proceeded to turn around and drive back out... suddenly a man came out of the darkness and kind of popped out infront of the car, so we stopped and was going to ask for some directions. He spoke absolutely zero English but kind of looked as if he was expecting us and started to kind of hand gesture where we should park. 

He had a kind of confused expression on his face as if he didnt really know what to think of us. 


.....to be continued.





Spent the whole day searching for a tent due to language barriers. Finally arrived at the festival- late... of course. standard us! Took about 5 house longer to set our shop up than expected so when it was actually done it was time to close it. 

We were so lucky weather wise, it was 30 degrees clear blue skies, Perfect! - Kinda... I ended up falling asleep on the second day outside for hours and getting seriously burnt! Not funny but all in the name of clearly having to much fun the night before. Fully indulging in the festival experience and simply being too hung over to move out of my sun lounger, whilst being fully aware my skin was getting more and more burnt by the second. Oh well, you live and you learn. 

Anyways so the first few days went smoothly, we got to chat to some really lovely festival goers, and people seemed to love our clothes. It was such a proud feeling seeing people parting their asses off whilst wearing our designs.

Also getting to know our fellow shop neighbors was just lovely. They quickly become your family and you almost feel like you've known them forever. All helping each other out and keeping you going. From the Chai Tea shop, constantly giving us yummy Chai and Raw ball snacks, to the cute vegan food bus bringing us tasty wraps and hot coffee. Also the cute couple next door who also had a clothing store constantly watching our shop when joakim and I could resist partying lol. Which was maybe just a little too often haha. 

All was going well until the Two days, when the weather took a turn for the worst and a thunderstorm hit, bringing heavy rain and seriously strong winds. It came late in the middle of night  (4 am ish) so we were woken up by our tent being absolutely pounded by the rain leaving us soaking wet and unsettle. I was like F**k this and made a run for the car. Joakim quickly followed. It ended up being way nicer, warmer, quieter and made me think. why hadn't we just slept in the car from the beginning. 

Anyways waking up the next morning we were greeted to the sight of our collapsing shop and everything inside being soggy and damp - Really not cool. We speant ages trying to fix it, with even our neighbors offering a helping hand. Nothing really worked, The wind was just a little to intense. So we decided in our tired cranky state to just close it and try and make the most of the festival by having some fun! To be honest this wasn't a hard decision :) 

So we got ready and went and had some seriously good fun, enjoying some world class Psytrance DJs, and dancing our little bums off with the help of some enhancing treats of course. Standard. So when we finally came back to our shop to check it was safe and all that... This is actually hilarious... It was about 10 in the evening, just getting dark...  as we got near to where our shop was we looked up and could see it in the distance. We couldnt stop laughing... Not only had our shop fallen sideways with the front tarp hanging off showing everything inside including our big Hippy Spirit logo sign, but was also flashing brightly like a bloody deformed Christmas tree. Literally being center of attention to passers by... We had forgotten to unplug the 500 piece fairy lights, so when the electricity was switched on in the evening by the festival organisers for all of the well organised perfectly running other surrounding shops, our tent also came alive. 

We didnt even have the balls to go near it and just generally couldn't bare even the thought of trying to fix it .So, simple just didn't and decide to just sit on the ground about a 50 meters away and stay in our little perfect lsd bubble ignoring it. Instead we watched the sun set, listened to the intense Psytrance in the background, Smiled and watched tracers of all the people passing by. Bliss. 

Until of course witnessing the odd person in the corner of our eyes pointing out our tent to their fellow ravers and laughing. Which to be honest was actually quite amusing. 

We eventually built up the courage to walk over and try and fix it, or at the very least cover up the shop sign and turn off the lights. We were greeted by our fellow shop friends who  were laughing and high fiving us saying how they inspire to be more like us. With our not giving a fuck attitude and making the most of a failed situation. They had spotted us sitting on the grass looking like we hadn't a care in the world and being able to see the funny side of our quite obvious failed business venture. So funny. 

Anyways it wasn't all bad on the last day the sun came back and we were able to fix our shop and put all of our stuff out to dry on the grass on some blankets. Which to our surprise actually ended up getting lots of attention from all the people leaving and managed to sell. Really cool considering we had missed out on a few days. So made some made some petrol money at least.  

So we packed up and said our goodbyes to our new lovely friends we had the pleasure of spending the whole week with, creating memories that we will never forget and of course gave them all some T-shirts and Hoodies as a token of our appreciation. 

We were planning on leaving a little before everyone else so that we didnt have to face 'Pohl' the festival organiser, as we were sure he was going to have a something to say about the failed shop situation being some kind of let down or something like that. But in true us style, things never go according to plan. We sat in the car exhausted, beaten and not even dare to speak about the what seemed like a million mile journey we had ahead of us...Turned the key and Nothing, the car was dead! Noooooooooo. Nightmare, Luckily our friend happen to have some cool electric charger thingy that eventually ended up working but whilst waiting for this to charge laying on the grass we could suddenly see Pohl coming on his bike in the distance. I though maybe he would see us but nope he was heading literally straight towards us getting closer and closer with every passing second. I honestly was considering to pretend to be asleep. Anyways he drove right up to us and instead of looking pissed, which I expected he suddenly smiled greeted us with a hug and thanked us for coming. He even invited us back to his next festival! haha like wtf! Hilarious.

Anyways we finally left and faced our long ass journey home. We thought it was going to be a hell drive, but of course that wasn't the case, it never is with us Two. We had just as much fun and of course funny situations on our way home. Some unfortunately I cant really write about even though Id love to, but somethings just have to stay privet in this society for our own safety. 

I guess there is a lesson to be learned here, life turns out rarely how you imagine it to. But whether good or bad its all about making the most out of everything. Enjoying all moments and just having fun.


Peace! x.

"Testing" It stayed up for over a week. lmao

Preparations!! Exciting but also exhausting! We printed our bums off! 

Some of our festival bags ready to be packed up!

Half way!! Passing through Denmark!


We made it! 1 am when we finally finished setting up the shop!

Utterly exhausted after a long night of partying... Opted to chill outside  in the fresh air and morning sun. Instead of our boiling hot tent. Eh not a good idea. Ended up falling asleep in 30 degrees sun for the best part of 6 hours! NOT COOL! 

Joakim with the legendary 'Bhagwat Poremba'.

Of course we had to give him a free T-shirt just for being such a festival hero!

I actually think he's pretty famous in the Psytrance world, known for being able

to out party all of us! Proving age means nothing and living life to the max! 

Love him!


Unsurprisingly he chose the DMT Molecule Tee. :) 

And came back the next day wearing it backwards! lmao so adorable. 

And finally... enjoying the views whilst driving home!



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