Our love for music...

Joakim and I have always had a huge interest in music and enjoy listening to nearly all genres from psychedelic down tempo to energetic Psytrance!! We just can't get enough!!!  But also we want to explore both the music production and djing side of it. Now finally we are both at a stage where we are able to explore our creative passions and spend some quality time creating. I say both but actually Joakims a bit ahead of me on this front as I'm a little occupied with our other projects and platforms. But I'll catch up no doubt. :) But for now we just wanted to share Joakims work so you can check out some of his productions so far, follow him on his journey, and maybe even give him some love and words of encouragement! :) 

Here's his latest track and the one he's most proud of: 


Peace and love to you all! x

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