A Bit Nippy!

Hey ya'll... So today's photo shoot didn't exactly go according to plan... but when do they ever with us! It was supposed to be an inside shoot in our new studio space. But, lack of light meant I had to suck it up and get my booty out in the snow. I was a little apprehensive because it had been snowing all morning and I just imagined it being freezing. But luckily, it wasn't actually all that bad! Also the lighting from snow is So nice!   

My neighbors for sure now though think that I'm totally mental!

Oh well, we had fun though and got some cool shots of a few new designs that will be added to our shop over the next few days.

First up our 'Changa' Aztec Unisex Tee. 

Peace x


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  • Uknowme

    Looking good Little Fairy♡ Also u were very right (as always;) about the light from the snow, nice shots! Love u guys!

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